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McKinley Elevator
McKinley Elevator Corporation

McKinley Elevator Corporation

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Home Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts in California, Arizona & Nevada

Installation of home elevators, residential elevators and wheelchair lifts from McKinley Elevator has helped customers from San Francisco to San Diego, and Las Vegas to Phoenix with mobility and accessibility. For customers who are elderly, disabled, infirmed, or recuperating, our elevator and accessibility products help to make an entire home or public building handicap accessible. We service California and Reno area customers from our branch offices in Irvine and Hayward, and our Clark County and Arizona customers from our Las Vegas office. Services include the installation of residential elevators and stair lifts as well as maintenance, repair and trouble shooting. We are among the few elevator companies that offer around the clock elevator emergency repair.

McKinley Elevator Corporation  17611 Armstrong Avenue  Irvine, CA 92614

Phone:  888-257-5576 (California)

702-989-7557 (Nevada)

480-685-4545 (Arizona)