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Chapman Automall

Chapman Automall

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Chapman Automall – Dealer offering new Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Mazda automobiles. Online inventories of new and used vehicles are provided, as well as information on service, financing and parts.

Chapman Mazda of Phoenix
Internet Hotline: 1.800.643.2206
1234 West Bell Road | Phoenix, Az 85023

Chapman Hyundai of Phoenix
Internet Hotline: 1.800.314.3672
999 West Bell Road | Phoenix, Az 85023

Chapman Mitsubishi of Phoenix
Internet Hotline: 1.800.596.5443
999 West Bell Road | Phoenix, Az 85023

Chapman Automall

Categories: Car Dealers, Auto Repair

6601 E McDowell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
(480) 949-7600


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Mon-Sat 7 am – 9 pm
Sun 10 am – 5 pm

8 reviews for Chapman Scottsdale Autoplex

5 reviews
Kev M.
Beverly Hills, CA

please avoid going there

please do not go there. salesperson was too rude. i was talking to the salesperson, we were excited that we got approved, so the conversation was on speaker. salesperson talked like he just escaped from prison. scott odgie. we ended up not buying the car when we found out that the car is not as described and hidden fees were too much and probably illegal. we have reported them to their supervisor, but be careful. when you buy because a lot of facts wont be disclosed about financing and dealers fee, and make sure you avoid this dealer even though you think you are getting a good deal.

A Deal is NOT a Deal at Chapman! DISHONEST!
My husband made a deal with the sales manager for a used car leaving me to handle the paperwork. Ten minutes after my husband left the sales manager told me he could no longer make that deal…..sorry. Sitting in finance I was told the included bumper to bumper warranty was misstated by the sales man…..very sorry, they said.
Deceitful and unscrupulous they then padded the contract $2,000.00 for that warranty!
I am not sure if they treat everyone this way or just women. Either way I suggest you choose an honest dealership we did!

Wow, I wish I’d checked Yelp before I went to Chapman.

Last week after cruising through every used car listing site in town I spotted a nice Matrix at what I thought was a decent deal. I emailed the dealership and was told within a few hours that the car had already sold but that they had many on the lot to choose from in the same price range and was asked to give them a list of different makes/models that I’d consider.

A few day later and a handful of emails more from the sales guy and the manager. I was told that they had even more cars and when could I come down. Here’s where it gets interesting…I was very up front that I had a fixed budget and that I was paying cash, so why was I asked to confirm this amount 3 times in the span of 30 minutes? By the same person? We looked at cars and saw one that we liked, asked for the ball park retail (they didn’t actually OWN it yet) and were told specifically that it was definitely under our budget. We left eagerly anticipating the Carfax and details on the work needed.

(Insert two days of confusion on who owned the vehicle and when we could test drive.)

We FINALLY make the test drive appointment only to be told that our salesperson overbooked himself and that we could look at it but not drive it because it hadn’t passed through safety inspection. Not three seconds into showing us the highpoints of the car the salesguy is already prepping me for the cost change, oh the damage is just cosmetic, it’s really in much better shape than average, we don’t think we can make your price range ect. I said thanks and started to head out – MAGICALLY the car can now be test driven! Oh we should take it out on our own! While we’re gone he’ll work on the price and see what he can do.

This little dance was repeated three times: they raised me $1000, I thanked him for his time, they said what about another $500, I said maybe, they came back with what about $750, I said nope. Queue the manager from stage left to explain my financing options…

Needless to say we left without a car and my son’s first experience with the sales technique has left him a little sour on the whole experience. We won’t be going back.