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BMW North Scottsdale 18018 North Scottsdale Road
BMW North Scottsdale

BMW North Scottsdale

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BMW North Scottsdale – Features new and used inventory, service and parts information, and on-line finance application.

BMW North Scottsdale 18018 North Scottsdale Road, Phoenix, AZ 85054 Toll-Free: 800-569-5382

BMW North Scottsdale is the leading BMW dealer in Phoenix, AZ. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Call our friendly staff today to learn about our latest BMW specials, demo a car, get details on any vehicle, request a brochure, discuss your trade-in or even talk financing on your next car. We are here to help you.

BMW North Scottsdale
18018 North Scottsdale Road
Phoenix, AZ 85054

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BMW North Scottsdale is Arizona’s Premier BMW Dealership for both new and Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicles. As a Penske Dealership we pride ourselves on not only earning your business for this BMW, but for all of your future driving needs.

BMW North Scottsdale 18018 North Scottsdale Road, Phoenix, AZ 85054 Toll-Free: 800-569-5382

My family has bought quite a few BMWs through Charlie and every single time it has been a great experience.
Charlie is a no-pressure man who really understands the wants of the customer and can properly address those.
He is extremely friendly and follows up with us through the ownership to make sure everything is to our liking.
He has gone out of his way to show me new models even after his working day is over.
I pride myself on being very knowledgable about BMW’s past/present/future cars, technology, specifics, etc. and Charlie has AMAZED me with his knowledge of the cars as well. On par if not beyond what I know.. FAR beyond that of a normal car salesman.
We exclusively deal with Charlie and have suggested him to many friends of ours who are looking for BMW’s.
This is the man you want to take care of your next BMW purchase.

A Google User reviewed 3 months ago

Apparently, a warranty means nothing. We took our car in after the engine failed due to an electrical problem that is common in these cars. First, they said the problem was due to neglect; and that a warning light was ignored. There was never any warning light, as there was an ELECTRICAL problem. After much protest, they then decided to tell us that the problem was in fact due to a non-factory screw that “someone” placed in the car’s motor. The car is under warranty and needs a new engine but they refuse to repair it. It seems to me that they will find any excuse to not stand by their product. We now have an undriveable car that is worth nothing that we continue to have to make payments on. This company may seem great when they’re selling you something but buyer beware!

A Google User reviewed 9 months ago

DO NOT TRUST THIS DEALER FOR SERVICE!!! Both times I’ve had my car serviced here, they keep the car longer than necessary, only to take the time to find issues that I didn’t report and I’m quite convinced, DID NOT exist. Today, I went it to have the battery checked, as the car seemed to be hesitating when starting and I didn’t want to deal with being stranded. My fianc√© and I looked at it a couple of days ago, then searched the internet for prices and learned that the dealer had to enter a code into the radio when the battery is changed, so decided I should just take it in. They quoted me over the phone between $170 – 200 for the battery, depending on the amps and just the test would be $143.. So, probably about $350 for a $200 battery that takes 15 minutes to change out. Oh, well…it’s a BMW. When I get there, the service advisor tells me it’ll take maybe 2-3 hours. I check back with him after 2 hours and he says they haven’t started working on it yet. About 10 minutes later, he calls me to tell me I need a negative battery cable, as it was corroded, and since it’s a intelligent cable, its $287.00, but he has to order it and it won’t be in for two more days. I said, well, never mind, as I’m flying out before you can have it ready, so I’ll do it later, as I didn’t get any “warning” messages from my “intelligent” cable and the car starts anyway. Within 10 minutes he calls me back and says, “Oh, we can get the part by 11 tomorrow”. Then 5 minutes after that calls back to say, “Oh, we found the part and it’ll be ready in 35 minutes.” Wow, that was quick; less than 45 minutes since they even looked at it and it’s ready. My fiance reminds me that the cable wasn’t corroded two days ago, so I call on my way over to ask the service guy if perhaps he confused my car with someone else’s and he starts backpedalling on the price (which is now up to nearly $900!!!) saying he’s taking off $75.00. He goes on to say he looked at it himself, and “We wouldn’t charge you for a part you didn’t need; we don’t do business that way here”. Isn’t that awfully defensive for a simple question? I tell him okay, but I found a coupon on your site for $70 off $700 service. He says he already took that off. When I get there an look at the bill, I see he’s taken $60 off and question it, ready with my coupon. He comes over to tell he already took off $150. What?? I look at the bill and it’s $500 for the parts ($200 for the battery and $300 for the cable) plus $200 for an hour of labor. First of all, what exactly did he save me and how was it up to nearly $900? Secondly, why on earth would it take an hour to change out a battery?? From the time he called to say they were looking at it and it was ready was less than 45 minutes anyway! Overall, I find it very suspicious that the $300 cable part, which at first had to be ordered, then going to be ordered overnight, but supposedly couldn’t get there for 2 days, was suddenly “found”. Oh, please! I’m betting I didn’t even NEED that part at all! On top of it all, when I ask how a negative battery cable could be so expensive, he starts talking down to me as if a woman wouldn’t understand everything a battery cable does!!! If it’s so “intelligent” (more than carrying a negative charge?) why didn’t I get a warning message if it was going bad? I’m sure my years of education exceed his, but that’s just one more reason not to visit this dealership for ANYTHING. This is the most deceitful business I’ve EVER encountered and yes, I WILL drive an hour to Chapman BMW from now on. At least you get a BMW loaner and don’t have to put up with the AVIS rental guy telling you to “bring your receipt” showing you topped off the gas tank when you drove a Honda Civic less than 10 miles!

Disliked: Service, Value, Selection

A Google User reviewed 7 months ago
BMW North Scottsdale 18018 North Scottsdale Road, Phoenix, AZ 85054 Toll-Free: 800-569-5382

My wife and I recently purchased a 2012 528i at BMW North Scottsdale. Our sales person was Ashley Norton. She was AMAZING! We felt very welcome by her. My wife just wanted to test drive a BMW and we went into the dealer anticipating a high pressure sales person. Ashley made us feel at ease and we ended up leaving with no pressure. A couple of days later we went back in and purchased our first BMW. We love this car!! One of the best we have ever owned. Thank you Ashley!!