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  2. July 15, 2012 6:10 am

Studies by the Pew Internet & American Life Project have consistently shown that search engine use is one of the primary reasons people go online. As of February 2012, an estimated 73% of Americans used search engines to find information they needed, including information on local businesses. Studies have also shown that people are most likely to click on sites in the top two or three listings on a search engine results page. That’s why it’s so vital for a small business like RPG Refrigeration to boost its Web presence and search engine ranking.

Prospect Genius utilizes a process known as search engine optimization, or SEO, to help small businesses become more prominent online. For a locally owned business like RPG Refrigeration, increased Web visibility for related searches can lead to an increase in new customers. Thanks to Prospect Genius’s SEO efforts, when homeowners in and around Hackensack query a major search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo! using keywords such as “refrigerator repair” and “refrigeration repair,” they’ll be more likely to encounter RPG Refrigeration among the top results.
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Marchex, Inc. is a leading mobile and online advertising company that drives millions of consumers to connect with businesses over the phone, delivers the most quality phone calls in the industry, and provides in-depth analysis of those phone calls.

Marchex supports its customers through a unique technology platform that has three primary components: (1) Call Analytics, which powers all of our advertising solutions, and allows partners to leverage data and insights that accurately measure the performance of mobile, online and offline call advertising; (2) Digital Call Marketplace, which connects hundreds of millions of consumer calls to our advertisers annually from a range of mobile and online sources on a Pay For Call basis; and (3) Local Leads, a white-labeled, full-service digital advertising solution for small business resellers that drives quality phone calls and other leads to their small business advertisers.

The SEO company will work with all businesses, big or small, to help with SEO services.

“Many businesses in Florida still rely on traditional, paper advertisements to attract clients,” said Ciccio. “We want to show them that internet marketing is not only cheaper, but also more effective.”

The marketing professionals at the search engine marketing company work with clients in Florida to help them drive traffic to their site. With decades of experience in the search engine marketing industry, our company is able to provide the highest quality of expertise and knowledge. Unlike many other online marketing agencies, IMC never gets your information, and sells or outsources it to other companies. Each inquiry is treated with great respect; the individual is contacted promptly, and told all the prices and services the agency provides.

Internet Marketing Company delivers effective and cost-effective SEO services that help companies compete and attract new customers driven by listings among the top search engine results. Professionals at the Internet Marketing Company have the expertise and experience to enhance exposure of a business on major search engines. And the better a brand’s exposure, the better a company can reach the customers and prospects who rely on search engines every day to research, find, and buy new products and services. With SEO from Internet Marketing Company, everyone can see results—fast, easy, and guaranteed.

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